The perfect accessory supplier for custom gaming office mechanical keyboards, mechanical keyboard switches and more.

Tecsee specialises in the development of consumer electronics category products such as mechanical keyboards, keycaps, mechanical keyboard switches, mice and other products.


Mechanical keyboards can be used in daily life and are suitable for workers and game enthusiasts who frequently hit the keyboard. Custom mechanical keyboards can get the user's own desired colour, feel of the keyboard, colourful, quality is more durable compared to ordinary keyboards.


Mechanical keyboard keycaps, switches are also very important, which is related to the feel of the keyboard, as well as the durability of the use of the keyboard, to ensure that the keycaps font will not be blurred and disappear after a long period of time, and the switch is durable and not easy to damage.


Mouse is divided into wireless mouse and wired mouse.


With the keyboard to interact with the computer, so that the computer operation more smoothly.

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