The perfect accessory supplier for custom gaming office mechanical keyboards, mechanical keyboard switches and more.

We are always devote ourselves to the area of mechanical keyboard switches.

TECSEE is located at the famous economically developed cities-Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province China . We are always devote ourselves to the area of mechanical keyboard switches from 2015, and is a diversifying enterprise in combination of development , design and manufacturer.


Our products are exported to Europe, USA Mid east, Southeast Asia,etc. area , and have our agent in some countries such as Australian , and have got kindly feedback from many customers because of high quality and good service.

We can provide the service of customization , such as customize the switch with their favorite colors ,unique logo for different customers . And can also provide the design , customization according the customers ‘s any request . We had been customized the switches for customers from all over the world, such as Massdrop and IVNYR, we are the original manufacturer for the holy Panda,IVNYR, Zaku etc.

Most of our products have been passed safety certifications as CE . And all products are made with RoHS compliant materials. We satisfy all our customers with advanced products, competitive prices, fast delivery and one-stop service. With a principle of being creative, advanced and honest, we are always improving our products and services to better satisfy you customers. We believe it's our mission to boost our customer's business, and then our customers will reward us with leadership sales and long-term relationships. Our promise--High quality, Rapid delivery, Favorable price. Join us, Win-win!

Tecsee Specialises In Mechanical 
Keyboard Switches

Tecsee is experienced in customising switches for customers worldwide, including well-known brands such as Massdrop and IVNYR, and is the original manufacturer of popular Keyboard Switches such as Holy Panda, IVNYR and Zaku.

Tecsee offers a comprehensive one-stop service that covers design, measurement, production, installation, delivery, and after-sales support, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.
Tecsee offers a bespoke service that allows customers to choose their preferred switch colour to suit customer preferences and requirements.
Our products are popular internationally and are exported to Europe, the USA, the Middle East and South East Asia, as well as having agents in countries such as Australia.
Tecsee products have been certified by CE International Quality Certification, which guarantees 100% that the materials are not harmful to the environment and human body.
Tecsee specialises in mechanical keyboard switches and has been actively involved in the industry since 2015, becoming a well-established and diversified company.
We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.
We specialise in meeting our customers' specifications and requirements, providing design and customised solutions to suit their specific needs.
We push the boundaries in research and development with the aim of giving our customers higher quality and distinctive designs.
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We satisfy all our customers with advanced products, competitive prices, fast delivery and one-stop service. 
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