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Keyboard Stabilizer is the keyboard on the "space" and "shift" and other large keys, because of its large size, relying solely on the key axis is unable to support, so it is also necessary to use some of the structure to assist in support. Specifically, there are two types of Stabilizer Axis and Balance Bar.




Stabilizer Axis: there is a main mechanical switch in the middle of the large keys, on both sides there are two small vice switches as support; Balance Bar: is a switch as support, both sides with metal wires as fixed. The difference between them is that Stabilizer Axis keycaps are easier to load and unload, and more stable. The process of force transmission of the balance bar is more direct, and the degree of part wobble is less difficult to assemble and high labour cost.




There is no good or bad between the two, and the difference in feel is not too great.

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